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A new company sells merchandise flaunting that Connecticut Pride

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Westport, CT | Added on August 16, 2014 At 12:10 PM

It may be just three simple digits, but to some: It’s an identity.

“The people from here understand that Connecticut has the worst of the worst hurricanes and the worst of the worst snow storms, but the best summer days you can possibly get,” said Roscoe Brown, co-owner of "The Two Oh Three".

A new company based out of Westport, appropriately named "The Two Oh Three” is looking to capture that pride, by selling t-shrits, cup holders and other products that all put this Connecticut area code front and center.

“So, basically you are creating something that people can put on and wear and show their pride in the area," said Tory Brown, co-owner.

Tory and her brother Roscoe founded the company this past March, but the idea has been brewing for years as they noticed there really is no place like home.

 "I would be away at school and I didn't have the ability to jump in the car and go on a snow boarding trip," explained Tory

Tory graduated from college in 2013, later moving to Cape Town , South Africa, interning for a marketing company called "Have You Heard".  It was there Tory gained the confidence to make this idea into a reality.

"I kept coming up with great ideas and realizing it was posible to start something from scratch," she said.

 Meanwhile, Tory’s brother Roscoe was finishing his senior year of high school.

"It definitely difficult being a second semester senior and wanting to hang out with friends. But when you are that enthusiastic it's not even a task," said Roscoe. 

 Tory returned to the states in January, and immediately the two got started.

 "So, I said to Roscoe - Let's do this, Let's get started," said Tory.

"In school and classes, you would be on the computer trying to get everything done," said Roscoe.

The company became an official LLC in March. And, once the products were in place, the two were off to the races, running to events all over the coast to make sales and to get noticed.

"The first event we went to was this pop up shop.  I said to Roscoe, if we sell one shirt today we can not get upset.  We ended up almost selling out of our inventory and we were so excited," said Tory.

Aside from selling these products at events, The Two Oh Three is very active on social media, selling their merchandise on their website and advertising it on social network sites like instagram and facebook.

"Now that there is social media and social media is so powerful in today's world that we can really use it as a tool to help our company," said Tory.

 Five months have since gone by and the two are as busy as day one and sharing their 203 pride daily.

And so far: It's catching on..

Here in Westport, you can spot these bright beachy shirts at the popular summer spot Joey’s. And, it’s good to mention, some of the profits from these sales go to a good cause: Roscoe and Tory are looking to donate a portion of their profits to local charities.

You can learn more about The Two Oh Three by going to the two oh three dot com.


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